Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hula in Calgary, Alberta and Western Canada. Available for your next event

Testimonials and Satisfaction


E.J. 2016

I am more than grateful that Taraya teaches these classes; I have been obsessed with Polynesian culture since I was a child (ask my family about the palm tree in my room!) and wanted so badly to learn hula but could never find anyone in Calgary who taught. I had given up on Calgary offering such a tropical and niche genre of dance, but then I found Taraya's free sample class at the women's centre and I was so excited!! Thanks Taraya for helping me to fulfill a lifelong dream!   

S.K. 2016

Love being able to continue my learning and being a cultural ambassador of Aloha in such a unique fashion. Also, enjoy learning more than one choreography given the timing/opportunity - especially when we get chance to brush up on past session pieces every once in awhile.  

Anon 2016

Love it - wonderful way to keep memories of Hawaii. Low-impact exercise for body but soothing for mind. Love the music - Taraya is a wonderful teacher.   

C.M. 2016

Thanks again for the opportunity to learn hula, I'd been wanting to learn it for quite a while, and the experience was greater than I expected. Learning about the culture made it more exciting for me and I am honoured you shared it with us.  

G.C. 2015

Hired Taraya and her troop for our Gala event last night and their performance was beyond expectations. Thx ladies and musicians.  

M. K-D. 2012

I love that I can look at Hawaiian dancers and kind of know what they are saying now!!!